Poultry / Accumulator table for egg transport

Accumulator table for egg transport


  • corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame with integrated height adjustment from 830 to 1,110 mm
  • modular plastic elements with hinge joints
  • table dimensions (length and width) can be adjusted according to customer requirements
  • belt speed: 5.3 meters/minute
  • guide angles up to 22° ensure gentle delivery of the eggs
  • reduction of broken eggs due to integrated jam switches
  • drive by the proven flat gear motors of the LUBING conveyor systems (0.37 kW, special voltages on request)


  • Flexible and robust plastic mat with modular structure. The individual elements of the plastic mat have been optimized for easy cleaning.
  • Due to the guide units with length adjustment, different inlet and outlet widths can be easily realized.
  • The integrated jam switch monitors the filling level of the metering table during operation. In case of an overload, the feeding belts are stopped automatically to protect the eggs.
  • The frame of the accumulator table consists of solid square tubes, which are screwed together with stable angles.
  • Precise height adjustment of the frame by integrated threaded spindles.


Download more information, versions and technical data as a PDF here

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