Poultry / Rod conveyor for egg transport

Rod conveyor for egg transport

The core of the system is the rod chain belt. It consists of stabilized plastic tubes connected on both sides by roller link chains. The rod chain is guided in galvanized steel profiles, which are connected by height-adjustable floor stands on site. The rod conveyor can be easily connected to other LUBING Conveyor-Systems such as the curve conveyor or the steep conveyor.


  • decades of proven, robust construction
  • can be installed with simple means and at low cost
  • modular system for easy individual adaptation
  • pre-assembled rod chain belt that reduces cracked eggs to a minimum thanks to well thought-out arrangement
  • optimized rod spacing that prevents even smaller eggs from falling through on inclines or declines of up to 25°
  • easily accessible, easy-to-clean collecting trays for soft-shelled eggs or half-shell eggs


Download more information, versions and technical data as a PDF here

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