Poultry / Broiler conveyor for taking out the birds from cages

Broiler conveyor for taking out the birds from cages

The LUBING broiler conveyor has been developed for the reliable and safe removal of poultry from cages. The conveyor is based on the proven LUBING conveyor technology from the egg transport sector. In order to meet the special requirements during animal transport, the design of the Conveyor-System has been optimized in many details. Special attention was paid to the avoidance of shearing points in order to ensure injury-free transport of the animals.

The broiler conveyor is moved in the stall by a lift system in order to be able to reach the different tiers of the cage system. The necessary length compensation is realized by moving the drive.

The removal of the birds within the cage system is usually carried out by the manure belt. This minimizes the personnel required to remove the animals from the cage.

The broiler conveyor is available as a stationary or flexible, mobile version.

Mobile connecting unit
  • subdivision into two sections: Straight broiler conveyor with short drive (permanently installed on the lift system in the house) plus mobile unit (is hooked into the short drive during stall-out)
  • no large anteroom and no permanent opening in the side wall of the barn required
  • can be used for stall-out from different houses
  • easy connection and locking
  • space-saving storage when not in use
Stationary connecting unit
  • installation as a fixed unit in the house area
  • up to 40 m total length due to solid front drive
  • frame bolted to the floor for safe movement of the drive unit
  • height level exactly adjustable by integrated threaded spindles
  • lift system for approaching the cage tiers


  • Lift system for adapting the conveyor to different cage levels.
  • Mobile or stationary variants can be used.
  • Use of the manure belt as a feeder to the broiler conveyor.
  • Safe, injury-free transport of animals due to protective elements and shear point prevention.
  • Plastic-reinforced chain provides animals with perfect grip - even on slopes / inclines.


Download more information, versions and technical data as a PDF here

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