Future Day 2023

For Future Day, we offer 8 pupils the opportunity to experience this day with us. This year, the places were filled very quickly and unfortunately we had to cancel some of them. Those who got a place started their trial day after a joint welcome.

In order to get to know the very different areas of work better, we went through various stations and the group was divided up accordingly. While the first group practised on 3D models in the CAD programme in the development department, they demonstrated their manual skills with wire bending exercises in the training workshop. In the toolmaking department, the respective names were assembled from individual letter programmes on a CNC-controlled milling machine and engraved as nameplates. On this day, our trainees and colleagues were also able to look over their shoulders and answer questions.

“I’m delighted that so many young people want to get a taste of the exciting world of work at our company,” said our Technical Managing Director Michael Abeln. “And who knows which of them we might meet again later in a job interview?”

Until then, we wish our young visitors all the best and lots of fun at school.

Thank you very much, it was a great day.

Post Zukunftstag 2023

Zukunftstag 2023