LUBING Steep conveyor “Climber“

for egg transport with extreme inclines

Steep conveyor

The LUBING Steep conveyor “Climber” works with two outer guided roundlink chains with welded cross bars. This guarantees high performance of function.

Together with the plastic tab elements it is the key point of the conveyor and allows to have inclines or declines up to 60° (possible with cover caps only). In the center of the conveyor no supports or guide elements are needed for dividing or diverting the egg flow.

Steep conveyor

All parts are according to the LUBING curve conveyor system but especially designed for farms with floor management as breeder egg farms as well as conveyors for dirty egg return a.s.o. The system consists of proven standard parts as drives, bends, pivots, telescopes for lift systems and intermediate drives for long conveyors without transfers are parts of this concept.

Steep inclines or declines are accomplished on short distances. Trouble free level changes of 67 inch (1,7 m) height by 39,5 inch (1 m) length are possible.

Custom plans available to suit individual requirements.

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LUBING Steep conveyor

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