Optima E-Control

Pressure regulator Optima E-Control

With the LUBING Optima E-Control, using stepless control, the water pressure for the constant supply to animals can be electronically set, monitored and re-adjusted seamlessly via a central control module. Feedback from the water column of each individual line to the central control unit allows the user to have access to constant monitoring with ease. The LUBING Optima E-Control system does not stop there: It adjusts the water column in each line automatically, e.g. via time-controlled as well as operational or animal specific programming. Thus, the moisture content of the litter is significantly reduced, improving animal welfare (importantly the health of the footpad by avoiding pododermatis) without the need to re-regulate manually, or in extreme cases, turn off the water supply. Automatic reaction to external conditions, such as temperature, is also featured.

The principle

Optima E-Control

Depending on the water consumptions of the animals, fluctuations in the main water supply system, or the time of day, the pressure conditions in the Drinking-Systems tend to vary. These factors can lead to water deficits in the drinking lines or cause leaking. With the LUBING Optima E-Control, optimal water supply can now be assured. Using the LUBING Touch Control, the water supply settings of the drinking line can be inputted using the intuitive touchscreen and then electronically regulated with actuators at the pressure regulator.

The advantages

• Adjustment and easy control of the water column of all drinking lines at one central control unit

• Dryer litter through optimal and automatic adapted water supply to the needed demand

• Electronical adjustment and regulation of pressure

• Automatic adjustment of the water column in the drinking line, e.g. via timecontrolled operation- or animal-specific programming

• Automatic response to external factors, e.g. by increasing the water column at higher temperatures.

• Easy-to-use operating through touch controller.

• Networking of the pressure regulators via a robust CAN bus system.

• Functionality is ensured during power failures, as the system works without auxiliary energy

• Timer function: Adjustment of the water column to fixed values at fixed times

• Alarm function if water shortage occurs

• The automatic flushing can be activated for a high level of hygiene


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