Hygiene accesories

Automatisches Spülsystem

Water is an essential factor for successful poultry farming.

Note the great influence that water has on production.
For example, 58% of chicks and 66% of eggs consist of water.

We therefore present here further procedures for optimized hygiene in poultry drinkers.



With UltraFlush, we use the proven ultrasonic technology (already used in cleaning units for conveyor chains). In the area of Drinking-Systems, an ultrasonic transducer is inserted into the drinking water line by means of a T-piece or, in the case of a feed tank, glued to the outside of the tank. Connected to a controller, the system is immediately ready for use.

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Automatic Flushing-System

In the automatic flushing system, actuators attached to the pressure reducers are controlled. These actuators are centrally controlled by the LUBING TouchControl. In this process, the individual drinking lines are flushed one after the other with the full water pressure.

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